Friday, June 25, 2010


Hi i am jon
I like milk
cuz milk is good for you and so i need it
im so happy for milk
my friend likes milk too. i cant wait for next week to drink milk.
oh and like my last blog i am not doing good in school
oh and i am the most amazing awesome person i know just ask me
or just read my blog.
thats my blog and you can never get back the time you just wasted reading it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


On this episode of the cHILLS we got some crazy drama going on. sally is going crazy about coming up short with counting at work, getting ready for a marathon she knows she cant finish and worst of all she longs for her mommy and daddy. beghan once again is off her rocker taking her meds some days and other days totally forgetting, which makes a world of hurt for anyone in her path of destruction. its like the weather in utah for that girl.... it changes every ten minutes. maylor keeps cracking the whip as she strives for head of the law office. giving no care to those she betrays along the way. tachel continues her voyage on the moon.....or thats what everyone thinks ever since she got her new car and been off in some other place mentally. keep tabs on her she will give a show. lastly the terror of mourtney does not disapoint. the products from the company keep coming up missing and all signs point to her as the culprit. all this and more on this episode of the drama filled cHILLS. this episode will be epic. keep an eye on beghan for she may completely explode...... or completely be cool who knows stay tuned.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

wassssss upp

so i just read the most boring blog ever i couldnt believe it. anywho now that i have that off my chest....... world cup has been amazing so far. cant get enough of it. it makes me think of my time watching asphalt golf. some ninjas are just so crazy. speaking of crazy if you have met ally mullin you know what crazy is. she is the queen of crazy ha ha it makes me laugh sometimes. speaking of laughing today my dad told me a joke i wish to share. if april showers bring may flowers what does mayflowers bring?........................ pilgrims hjahaha. speaking of pilgrims i cant wait for thanksgiving im such a fat a$%. speaking of fat a$% have you seen ....... me lately dang i need to keep hitting the gym so meghan will be pleased when my shirt is off. speaking of shirt being off dont have meghan do it cuz she has a way bad rash that will probably kill you upon site, i havent seen it yet just been told. speaking of being told ally mullin is do dam bosy, i swear the only time she talks to me is when she is telling me to do aomething. i usually respond bysaying shut up hobbit. speaking of hobbit its not going to be happening for atleast 2 more years cuz people suck. speaking of sucking i could use a popsicle cuz its so hot here not like in rexburg. speaking of iceburg i mean rexburg. that place is the worst. its like someone pooped put a school on it and then froze it and now people go there to get educated........ or something like that.speaking of educated how does someone that goes to the harvard of the west only have 2 folowers on his blog? what a loser i guess thats why i only blog when they tell me to. well thats it for now

be carry and calm on

oh and i love meghan she is a sexy mess

Friday, May 21, 2010

The MAN!!!!

Well after my lovely future wife decided to hack into my account and spice things up I had to represent. First off I want to state that I’m madly in love with that crazy girl named Meghan. She is out in her own little Meghan world most of the time but hey that’s what makes my baby unique. I wanna say that when Meghan and I first started talking and seeing each other I can honestly say that I knew she was the one for me and that I was madly in love with her. And that NOTHING could ever come between us. With that said I will also post a list without giving away too much of my wedding speech:
• Love kissing Meghan and……
• Love cuddling
• Love being around her
• Love road trips
• Love going out on dates
• Love going to movies
• Love her smile
• Love her personality
• Love laughing with her
• Hate fighting even if it is Meghan it just sucks, I pray to be less stubborn
• And the rest will be revealed at another time…… soon… maybe around August

With all that said, Meghan you freakin rock my world babe don’t ever forget or doubt that (yes that was me bossing you around) now for some funny business. What the hell is up with tuition these days I mean come on I might be taking the university to court for how much money they are stealing from me. I am starting to sell my plasma and am thinking about selling my sperm or maybe my kidney so Meghan won’t be poor. I have been watching this show called one tree hill and I’m just gonna go off. This town of tree hill needs to have a bomb dropped on it. There is no way that one town can ever have so many stupid dam problems but this one has them all. And the pregnancy rate for this one school is outrageous. The parents are nowhere to be found and the ones that are around are complete psychos with no lives they thrive on making life miserable for the kids I just don’t get it. And so you ask why do I watch such a ridiculous dumb show? Well it’s like a car wreck in Utah you just keep watching regardless of whatever else is going on, oh and cuz Meghan loves the show and I do things and sacrifice for her regardless of what she thinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm the Wife.

What up? It's the future wife here. Reporting for duty. Thanks to me, we now have an official wolfpack picture and as far as I can tell those two crazy wolves are IN LOVE. this may seem odd to those of you who havent seen The Hangover (shame on you) but it's a direct steal from the movie.

I have my own blog in which i rant and rave about random stuff that you are more than welcome to browse through... but this here blog will just be Jon and I talking about how much we love each other and the usual lovey dovey stuff that we do. here is a list of things I like to do with my boo:

  • hold hands
  • run errands (seems weird but hes fun to be around)
  • kiss (hes the best ever. EVER.)
  • talk about everything. hes really smart and teaches me stuff all the time. he also has a bangin testimony. BANGIN.
  • laugh. he makes me laugh all the time.
  • I like being with him when we are with our friends. he makes everyone laugh and i know the other guys are jealous of how awesome he is and wish they could be him/all the chicks are jealous of me because hes mine forever.
  • roadtrip (against popular belief)
  • fight with. hes worth it.
  • shop with. i love how he rolls his eyes at me.
  • make fun of people with.
  • make fun of eachother with.
  • cuddling. his body is the best!
  • running baby names across each other. (its a shared obsession)

The list can go on for days. Jon is honestly perfect for me. I say that, but so does everyone else. We just go together.. Even when he pisses the living life out of me, I would run through a burning building to kiss him if he asked me to. (not because youre bossy Jon..but bc I love you). I'm just glad he puts up with me. and he makes me feel beautiful.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

captains blog

day 4: tensions are running high now as i continue to live far away from the fiance. the others are starting to get weird. and the desire is taking over....... ok that made no sense but what the hell. meghan has been gone for a total of four days already and i feel so lost without her. its like my whole life is out of sync. time just flew by and now its slowing down. cant wait to see her again. i was really enlightened today to update the blog and im not sure why. maybe someone needs o hear my words or maybe it was just someone whispering in my ear to do it. who knows! anywho.... i am about to finish up this semester and its been hell all the way along if meghan wasnt here who knows where i would be. probably in a ditch cuddling with some bums. in class today i was really bored and started to day dream a little and i thought......... i wanna go on a really fun vacation with my soon to be family in laws. maybe a cruise or something it would be a blast and i no maddie would love not so much. she really hates deadliest catch. but really though meghans family is awesome i already love em to death...most of the time. and meghan what can i say, if there were an award for most awesomest, coolest, funnest, most energetic, random, funny, outgoing, beautiful, sexy person in the world she would for sure take second to me. i just adore her she makes me happy and when i am with her nothing else matters and i am whole again. i just love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and her nickname is boo boo cachew. welll thats all for now and also go jazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz whoot whoot over and out

Thursday, February 4, 2010


what can i say its been crazy being engaged for a month. i feel time is going slow and yet i go crazy about planning for the wedding(just ask meghan) but it will all get done perfectly for meghan. which brings me to my title Service, meghan ran into an apostle at work by the name of Jeffery R. Holland who preceded to converse with her. he told her the secret to having a long successful marriage, he said serve each other and serve others together. how awesome is that? perfect advice and from a great indivual inspired by god. which brings me to another point my future awesome little sister al capone decided she wanted to take a trip to disney land in march so we started to plan and we come across an opportunity to get free passes to the park, all we have to do is a day of service to a participating organization. so i signed up with an organization and all i have to do is collect 150 water bottles done and done, let the trip begin! so service is great win win win situation. and for other random stuff the jazz are playing great, i paid 4500 in taxes and looks like i am getting around 150 back......thanks obama, meghan and i are doing great some bumpy roads here and there but we are still growing together which is the most important thing, she is the worst sick person i have ever met but i still love her and ally taught me a good lesson to deal with it, school sucks, church is true and cant wait to marry meghan! i will end this with a joke and a quote...... how much does it cost a pirate to get his ears peirced? a bucanearrrrrrrrrrr hahaha and "god answers kneemails" "gems are amazing but friends are pricless; and i have the best friend of them all"